5 Factors Of Healthy Leaders
You Don't Have To Lead Alone.
Five Factors Leadership is a hyper-supportive, personal development membership community for ministry leaders to meet you wherever you are with the training, tools and guidance to make the most out of your life and leadership…

...and actually feel sane, smart, and “oh wow I can actually do this” in the process.

   This offer ends in just...
Here’s the deal: serving people as a leader is the best.
It’s liberating.

...And Painfully Lonely!
That last one is the thing people don’t really talk about when they’re dreaming about leadership.

Because the tough truth is: in between the wins and the “I call the shots!” moments, leadership is full of a kabillion (actual statistic) questions, worries and frustrations. You’re like, “Am I doing this right?” “What should I do next?” “Is that a good idea?” 

Not to mention feeling:

 > Time-strapped (there is always too much to do and not enough time to do it all)

 > Distracted by the wide array of advice and guidance on the internet

 > Overwhelmed

So what you DON'T need? Another disconnected, overwhelming approach that leaves you feeling isolated, unheard, and no closer to your goals than when you started.
What you DO need? 

A fierce, empathetic, wildly-supportive, growth-inducing, tight-knit community; a family of fellow leaders who GET IT because they’ve been there (or are there) so they can walk alongside OR lead you through the hurricane that leadership can be. ALL PLUS straightforward, tactical training to keep you focused, on-track, and moving towards your goals—regardless of where you are in your path.
Because you need both. And right now you probably have neither.
But that’s about to change because 
Five Factors is open for enrollment.

Here's A Glimpse of What You Get Inside of Five Factors...
  •   The combined expertise of a leadership coach and a licensed therapist with more than 40 combined years of experience. (Yes, that’s us, hi!)
  • A real, live, non-robot welcome call with a human to show you around the place and get to know what you and your ministry are all about.
  • Access to every single masterclass in our Five Factors Framework which helps to meet you where you currently are in your leadership journey and gives you the training and strategies to propel your life forward...way forward.
  • Unlimited chances to submit questions for us to answer monthly via recorded Q & A videos. Yep—your very own, personal question answered by some pros. No fluff, no theoretical nonsense, no excess.
  • Access to our members-only private Facebook group—AKA an insanely close knit community of generous, like-minded leaders who love to give even more than they love to request help.
And all as low as one flat monthly fee... (HINT: it's less than the cost of a decent t-shirt)
The point is: what you get with Five Factors is essentially 2 critical things every current and aspiring leader needs:
Great, personal advice for whatever stage of leadership you’re in.
It’s incredibly important to us inside Five Factors that you have access to up-to-date guidance, personalized feedback, and inspiration for what to do next with your life and leadership. So we are at your fingertips to help you get unstuck and keep moving and growing through:
  •  Monthly Q+A videos to answer any and every question members have for us. We’re also committed to pulling back the curtain and sharing behind-the-scenes in our own lives and sharing the lessons we continue to learn.
  •  Personal access to us through our Private Facebook group where we help you overcome the mindset challenges and practical problems that you can’t seem to solve..

Customized Trainings with our Five Factors Framework.

No one wants to trudge through classes that are either old news to them or too advanced for them. Our Five Factors Framework is designed to hit that sweet spot and help you focus ONLY on the most important tasks for YOU.

It’s like the Goldilocks of training—juuuust right.

Think of Five Factors as the GPS or the “YOU ARE HERE” marker on your leadership journey. After all, you have to know where you are before you can figure out how to get where you’re going! 

FIRST, it’ll help you identify which of the 5 leadership factors you need to focus on right now (Resilience, Strength, Presence, Hope, Ambition… We know, they ALL sound like game-changers!).  

NEXT, you’ll be directed to the most important and relevant trainings and to-dos. You’ll know exactly what to focus on, what NOT to focus on, plus what you can expect to do in order to make clear and measurable progress.

When leaders focus on developing each of these factors, their entire life and leadership transforms.
Getting stuff done without losing your mind.

Our goal is NEVER for you to become an overworked laptop gremlin; hunching in darkness for hours on end, avoiding your family and friends’ texts, consumed with “getting better.” 

Instead we want you to be able to grow your life and your leadership with confidence in your corner—and with efficiency as your wingman.

This is exactly why we designed our Five Factors Framework—not just because those three Fs look so nice together, but because it quickly helps you define which part of your life needs development, what tasks to focus on, and how to use the time you have to really build momentum. And yes, in as little as 1-2 hours per week you can make some serious strides forward once you’re working on the right thing.

(That sound you heard was everyone reading this collectively breathing a sigh of relief)

    "We designed our leadership pipeline in 1 month!"

    "Pipeline Academy gives you the rationale, the process, and the steps to develop a Leadership Pipeline for your church. You will have a plan and a structure to raise up prayed for, cared for, equipped, and encouraged leaders at every level of leadership."

    Dr. Jeff Robinson

    Lincolnway Christian Church

    'I found Pipeline Academy to be very helpful in seeing the big picture of assembling a leadership pipeline. In addition, Matt's experience and expertise is invaluable in crafting a functional pipeline.  Matt helped me step-by-step to create an actionable pipeline system for leadership.'

    ~ Justin Young, Pastor of English and Youth Ministries, Chinese Community Church of Indianapolis

    "Pipeline Academy has been really great for us...

    It has changed the way we talk about leadership in a few areas, and vocal around levels of leadership has been really helpful!

    It’s also helped us see some gaps in our staffing, and we’ve just closed applications for a position to help fill that gap.

    The biggest help I think has been with our volunteer leaders - clarifying what they’re doing, and what a win looks like has been fantastic!"

    Don Reddin, Lead Elder/Pastor, CityLight Church

    Meet The Founders Of Five Factors...

    Hey there, and thanks again for checking out Five Factors.

    We met in graduate school with ideas about what our "ministry lives" would look like - none of which came to fruition.

    Tal started a church but later became a licensed therapist. Matt helped re-start a church (which he still serves as lead pastor) but also built a coaching and consulting business.

    So while graduate school didn't lock-in our future vocations, it did secure our friendship. And for over 15 years, we have talked about working together - the pastor/coach and the pastor/therapist.

    That leads us here to Five Factors.

    What you have been reading about is birthed out of our desire to see leaders like you thrive. We have both wrestled with our own personal struggles and have watched friends in ministry lose their way or get taken out - forced to leave jobs, deciding to leave vocational ministry...

    As we talked about what we were seeing, we began to notice patterns, both in ministry leaders and in the well-meaning advice given by other pastors, gurus, and therapists. Almost by accident, we were able to connect the dots and construct a different way of developing as a leader.

    And we called it Five Factor Leadership.

    We created Five Factors because we wanted to create a TON of value at a price point that any ministry leader could afford.
    And we get it. "Can I Afford It?" is a legitimate question. So let us help put it into perspective real quick. 

    You can get everything you need to build a great life and to lead successfully, plus access to this incredible community for less than the cost of:

     > Your cable bill (seriously)

     > Your Starbucks habits (we know, it’s hard to break)

     > A deep tissue massage (and not even the fancy spa kind!)

     > A private personal training, leadership coaching or counseling session (just ONE)

     > A nice dinner for two at your favorite restaurant (with or without a glass or two of wine)

     The list goes on and on. 

    You can choose to invest that money into the same old, same old, and get the same old, same old results…OR you can choose to invest that money into your life, happiness, future, freedom… and watch it come back in multiples month after month. 
    Because if you don’t take action to change your life and leadership, your life and leadership won’t change. 
    Billed annually.
    • Access to every current and future course
    • Access to every current and future Masterclass
    • Access to our private Facebook community
    • Downloadable resources from the training area
    • Full membership for an entire year, renews each year
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